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When you decide that your company requires a website, you are looking for a design studio. This is the most common variant, but it is always the best and most convenient for you. What if you need to order a site quickly or limited budget? Sure, you can ask around friends, in search ads, and find that same programmer – 'Jack of all trades', which will make you a site for a penny Another option to use website builder. But the question is, Do you like the end result? In the first case, a team of professionals – designers, programmers, managers, seo-optimizers, copywriters. Ordering a website design studio, you need to study portfolio, the possibility of management system, pricing to make a decision on cooperation with one or another development team.

And in the end? Asks you to select from two or three design options, with the words' we will modify the option which one you like. " But what if you do not like none of the options? Since you just say goodbye, or asked to pay more money to give you a couple of options, and no guarantee that you will like something out of the new. In a result, spent a lot of money and time, and not the fact that you are completely satisfied with the result. If you have limited resources and ventured to apply to the 'jack of all trades', you must realize that one person can not be a good designer and programmer, copywriter.

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