Rarrisi Meighen

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" Honor of the authorship, is likely to be recognized for a very famous gentleman by the name of Archimedes. Let's begin. Over 250 years before Christ Greek physicist pondered jet principle of movement and even came close to today's decision, suggesting a screw lift the water (the auger in the pipe). Long screw in the tube was rotated human muscle power. The same idea was brought back to life two inventors in 1661 in England. But only with the invention of Watt steam engine in 1765 were achieved tangible results. Then Rarrisi Meighen and created a steam-driven pump for pumping water from the holds of ships with the release of a jet of water through the stern, and for Between 1830 and 1860 only one in England had been issued at least 35 patents for the realization of such devices. The most perfect type of pump was set up in London by Henry Bessemer in 1849.

It was the axial pump with a suction tube to a forward and with two nozzles on the back side. Bessemer even put the fan in front of and behind the screw to straighten the water supply and a jet to compensate for losses caused by the rotation of the water jet. Another design was Alexander Hedyardom proposed in 1852: it had swivel nozzle, which can be directed forward or backward. The pump sucked water through a hole in the bottom of the ship and threw it through the feed. Rotate jet to turn the ship.

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