Railway Simulations

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The railway, with its signaling systems, their infrastructure and their vehicle one of the most complex transportation systems in general. Special software allows each user to simulate the train on their home PC. The corresponding programs allow the user some very good and realistic insight into the operations of the railway company. So everyone has the opportunity to learn about this complex and playfully sexy transport system. The selection of available software ranges from simple interlocking simulations to extensive driving simulators with lavish 3D graphics. Some programs combine aspects of traffic simulation with classical Wirtschaftssimulationen. This is then often to the construction and operation of major transport networks to meet the requirements of the existing traffic flows to meet. So technical, logistical and economic issues are linked in the simulation. Within this environment, the railway system can be a playful experience. A variety of simulations simulated railway trainsfrom the perspective of train driver from the cab of a Lokmotive or a railcar. These Zugfahrsimulationen is about the safe and punctual handling of its own train according to a predetermined timetable. Interlocking simulations simulate the railway from the perspective of a dispatcher on his signal box. The focus of this simulation programs is on the safe implementation of a variety of train journeys in their own station. Also complete with timetables and route networks operating range can be used with the appropriate railway simulation adjust and operate. This is to include the creation of the accident-free operation of entire Eisenbahnnetze.Umfangreiche traffic simulations not only railways but also roads and rivers as transport routes for motor vehicles and ships. Besides the various forms of rail simulations, there are other railway software, which can be partly obtained via the Internet as freeware or shareware.

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