Que paza illo!

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Omeeee! Der one port, or fellow countryman encantao (as you prefer, there is no problem for me). Really I just read your comment on the page of the Andalusian and although not having to do with anything too specific Article, it is appreciated and claiming a positive comment from someone who is not a witch (not the messages signed the homeland security are also much discussion of mine), I do not know if you’ve read the previous messages, but to me the VAGALUCIA turkey, I am very burnt, so leave a little article, to calm a little, that is not plan to write pamphlets so hot. I suppose that within a week or two will return to work (I rewrite and improve the article, also include side items).
Of course since you are the port and I would ask kihki to the area I am ceceante Andalusian cecean to see whether or not:
1. Are you ceceante, seseante, distinguidor or style ceseante nitapatinipami Pedros Pacheco ome if zupuestos zi ‘
2. So much that the Port has grown, Is it still mostly ceceante (not saying all or nothing like that, just out of ten you are seven or eight ceceantes yet) or has become like San Fernando, seseante half, half ceceante ‘
3. You surely know more than me Jerez give me your impression ar Fabo Do you think the studies that exist on Cece Jerez (sorry port are not yet, wait a bit better than what I do ) ) whereby cecearia about 40 percent and many are successful, ‘I by Jerez Jerez and I know would say that cecean are more than four out of ten, Do you think’
4. One last thing ultrarayante the CECE (ie me): What do you think the chaqueteril change your countryman Joaquin footballer, who came to Betis ceceando step to sesear a little timidly, I conclude that seseando sevillana so strong that seemed to triana and now that has gone to Valencia returned to the insecurity and do not know already if sesear, or distinguish cecear (The latter, which almost certainly never get the poor) ‘I can understand to some extent, because ceceantes carry almost all the burden of inferiority complex Linguistic Andalusia and especially in consideration of the bad areas not characteristic of our ceceantes Cece. You think that once we remove the Linguistic complejazo above we have ‘
And the more I do not stick. For what you want, avisame, be happy to help.
– Cahli 02:39 11 October 2006 (CEST)

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