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Mario Marin and his scandalous 2010 budget By Jonathan R.Maza (Published in CEINP O L) Puebla, Mexico, immersed in the current economic crisis makes it necessary to readjust their spending, increasing it by one side in infrastructure issues but on the other redirecting towards areas with greater vulnerability and avoiding lag especially misuse or use of sub – the same coupled with a good accountability and transparency. But speaking of the state of Puebla and its approved budget from San Lazaro are talking about different variables to consider giving an interesting read in politics and especially in electoral similar case in the remaining states of the federation in which governors will be renewed next year 2010. Recently the state of Puebla was benefited from the allocation by the federal legislature with a consignment of 45 thousand pesos and within the entity, the government’s so-called governance precious Mario Mar n Torres, through its Ministry of Finance and Administration ( SFA) wants to borrow extra for 2 thousand pesos. Faced with this situation have raised tempers and disqualification comments and accusations regarding the true use and purpose of that money not have been expected by their political adversaries and surprise some fellow PAN PRI.But his closest collaborators and trustworthy people have come to rescue his precious head to ask such a situation is not confused and mingled with political and electoral matters.

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