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Psychological Analysis Despite being described by many as a “story for adults” in this movie you can find small touches on human nature. The main and most obvious is the fact do with romance and nostalgia of childhood as did Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “The Prince”. The innocence and playful nature that time ascribed to Amelie makes children move from a character in one game by far. Of course we can not forget the symbolism of being in a box of childhood memories of a man, found this thanks to Amelie, she represents a change in her life and her retraining. Amelie is a unique character thanks to his discovery also to do good and improve the lives of others without their knowing. This altruistic attitude makes you realize, as you highlight a character, she does not care about fixing the problems of his own life. This can be taken as that to solve the problems of others are avoiding fix it your own.This, coupled with his shyness and lack of experience in socializing children to make it very difficult to achieve happiness, which at the moment is nearer to the person who is in love. Am lie’s shyness is based on a strong tendency to cowardice as it does not feel able to venture out for fear of hurt emotionally. His fear it evades with “tricks” that are only one way to lengthen the time to face reality and act in a direct way. Beside him is his neighbor that makes you think about it but the help is mutual as she helps him end his solitude. This is another symbol, since the neighbor has a skeleton so fragile like glass and can not leave the house in order to hurt. Thus we can say that Amelie feels subconsciously with his feelings can not “go out” to her heart for fear that such would break the backbone of its neighbor.This parallel is important because sooner or later going to have to deal with it and choose whether to risk everything to win or lose or live in safety as always without any change in your life.

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