Prohibit Coca Cola Zero in Venezuela

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The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela ordered the Coca-Cola to withdraw its product “Coke Zero” of the Venezuelan market, citing potential health hazards. “This product should be taken out of circulation for the health of Venezuelans,” said Jesus Matilla, Minister of Health. The minister did not elaborate on the adverse effects that would produce this product intake and Coca Cola descicion not commenting on the Venezuelan government. I if I comment, I feel great, hopefully Bauta do something similar to this and hundreds of products that are poisoning people. Look what has Coke Zero: Aspartame Sweetener extreme neurotoxicity, look at their relationship with brain tumors. Acesulfame: Sweetener, considering a potent carcinogen. Sodium citrate: flavor, which removes calcium ions, thereby weakening bones. It is also used as anticoagulant. Phosphoric Acid: Used to remove rust to be a very potent acid, dissolves the enamel of the teeth, irritate the mucosa and in some cases been shown to have arsenic. Benzoate Sodium: Preservation carcinogen. Much to remove it lasted … . My health insurance was bought from has an ultimate goal of making health insurance better! Source

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