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The focus of the logistic one integrated if guideline in the value chain, aiming at to the competitive advantage on the competitors. Recently Gary Kelly sought to clarify these questions. According to Michel Porter: ' ' One I negotiate is lucrative if the value that creates surpasses the costs of the performance of its activities of valor' ' (…) ' ' To gain competitive advantage on the rivals, a necessary company to play these activities to a lesser cost, or to play them of form to lead to a differentiation to a Premium price (more value) ' '. One of the sources to acquire the competitive advantage understands to get reduction of costs. This action is developed through the enterprise logistic strategy, that stops Bowersox and Closs (2001), is seen as the ability that ties to the company its customers and suppliers. However integration must start internally for after that becoming enlarged itself for the external way. To get the maximum of strategical advantages of the logistic one, all the functional work must be executed in integrated way … the consideration of internal operations separately is useful to show to the basic importance of the integration of all the involved functions and activities in the logistic one (BOWERSOX and CLOSS, 2001, P.

43). Christopher (1997) salient that ' ' logistic it can contribute for the competitiveness of empresa' '. Had to this aspect, the logistic strategies of the company, elaborated and implanted with effectiveness, offer the organization the preference of the customers. A reached time the objective of being pioneering for the customers, the logistic strategy of the enterprise one is inserted in searching suitable the structure organizacional to take care of the demand, analyzes periodic in avaliativo character of procedures and standards, fidelizao of the customers through directed strategies, and synergic integration of the triad: Company, Clientes and Fornecedores.Outras action are proportionate for Logistic the Enterprise one, as the management of Lead Teams, implantation of Just in teams, objectifying to optimize time, to reduce gargalos, and to keep the survival of the organization.

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