Power Exercise

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It is by that the nutrilogos we insisted on the importance of modifying the daily habits of feeding more than to only follow a diet to lower of weight by a certain time. The time during which that plan is followed to lower of weight must serve like training to learn a to eat one more a more healthful diet and with smaller densidad energetics (less calories by gram of food) for always. But in addition, tricks exist some that can serve to accelerate the metabolism and to increase the spent calories to the day, which will allow to lower us of weight or to still maintain a weight healthful consuming more foods. Some of these tricks are: To increase the mass muscular. The power cost of people with more muscular mass is much greater than the one of the people with less muscle. The muscles require more of the double of calories that the corporal fat to stay. So if to accelerate the metabolism he is advisable to add to the routine of aerobic exercise at least two sessions per week of exercises to fortify muscles.

The exercises for the abdominal ones will help to maintain that area signs and therefore the waist will be seen more streamlined, but to increase cost metabolic it will be necessary to work all the muscular groups: abdomen, legs, glteos, chest, back and arms. To increase intensity of the routine of aerobic exercise. During the hours following to a session of aerobic exercise the metabolism is increased. The exercise of high intensity increases plus the power cost and during more time. Therefore it turns out useful to try to increase a little the intensity of the exercise or to put in intervals of high intensity with others of moderate or low intensity. To eat with more frequency and to avoid the fastings and the very low diets in calories.

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