Potential environmental impact of oil and gas development on land

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The potential environmental impacts of human interventions aimed at the development of oil and gas on land covering all aspects such as: the search, exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources on land.
Typically, the geological and geophysical studies are carried out in very large areas, to identify favorable targets for exploration. This is followed by a more intensive study, testing and drilling of selected areas, to locate and evaluate oil and gas resources. The means of production include wells and pumps, located throughout the area, the collection and transportation lines, storage tanks and some primary processing units. The projects may include the production of secondary or enhanced recovery.
The paths to the non-developed areas can cause the alteration of the surface noise of traffic and access. The seismic exploration includes noise and nuisance from the explosive charges, is in deep wells, or on the surface of the earth. Exploratory wells and geological tests, involving the alteration of the area deep in the well site, access roads, the field of aviation, traffic noise from trucks or airplanes, construction and operation, air emissions from traffic and drilling operations, and disposal of drilling fluids, which are contaminated by the mud additives, water and the formation of oil. Access roads, operations and seismic exploration wells have the potential to cause deterioration of cultural resources and fragile ecosystems, and may affect negatively to the indigenous communities, if their location and design are not appropriate.
If these activities are planned, designed and carried out properly, as explained in detail, the impacts should be temporary.
The production of oil and gas industry requires multiple activities on the site during the life of the reservoir. The construction of platforms, access roads, on (the) field (s) of aviation, the collection and transportation pipelines and ancillary facilities to support alteration caused much of the area, traffic noise and air emissions and an influx Construction workers. The production of the fields and the small initial production of large, can be carried by truck to the refinery, increasing traffic accidents and oil spills. In remote areas, will require facilities for the permanent staff of operation and maintenance. The operations of the limited production of other land uses in the area. Licensed in New York to provide alternative energy, lowers your energy and gas bills There will be noise and air emissions, as a result of the operation of equipment, the discharge of produced water treatment and oil spills. May have caused air pollution from burning gas undesirable discharges of sulfur dioxide gas (hydrogen sulfide), and the burning of waste oil wells.
Catastrophic potential accidents that may occur include Reventazon well and uncontrolled release of oil and / or gas, and possibly a fire (with the products of combustion) at the refinery or gas processing plant. … and Resources. This section contains a collection of resources and important … Natural Gas Vehicles. Keep changing. Security. Information and Resources …
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