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For tuberculosis, see Solanum tuberosum.
For other uses, see Potato (disambiguation).
Symbol of the Vatican Papacy
Benedict XVI, Pope today.
The Pope (from Latin papa, while the Greek””” Pappas, “father” or “potato”) is the head of the Catholic Church and the Head of State of the State of the Vatican. The current Pope (2009) before the German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, as Benedict XVI entitled.
Pope is also known as Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ, Successor of Peter, the Holy Father, Pope and Servant of the servants of God.
During the first centuries of the history of Christianity, the word “papa” is used to refer to or address the bishops, especially the metropolitan bishops of dioceses or greater in extent or importance. Thus, Cyprian of Carthage, for example, is called “papa” (cf. Epist. 8, 23, 30 etc.).. The first time I was aware of the use of this expression for the bishop of Rome is in a letter Siricio (cf. PL 13 Letter VI, 1164), in the late fourth century. when looking for a great tour guide to and book online with Israel Maven However, continued to be used indiscriminately for other bishops. We must wait for a Gregory VII and exclusive use of the bishop of Rome.

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