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“And what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so attractive” Richard Hamilton.1956. Halfway through the decade of the 50 starts to decline interest in the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock that was his strongest reference.Besides, the war and changing times that artists did turn their eyes to other vanguards such as Dada and Surrealism. Thus generated an ideological movement that emerged in the new interests and concerns, giving rise to a new art called, Pop Art This is given in two different geographical areas: the U.S. and the UK. Pop Art is characterized by the use of images and contents taken from mass culture imposed by advertising and the media. Stresses the iconographic value of the consumer society, identified by technology, capitalism, fashion, etc..Likewise, the objects are no longer to be thought of as unique serial products and fruit materials using modern technology such as plastic, urethane foam, acrylic paint, is developed through assemblies, film, comic , magazines, advertising, graphic design and their labels, the aesthetics of this art movement that became a benchmark for today’s society. In the United States, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns were the initiators of the movement. The first collages made with real household objects (needles rusty scraps of paper, etc..) And the second series of paintings depicting the flag of his country and targets.Likewise, other figures appeared as Richard Hamilton, who established the first work considered Pop, “What is it that makes today’s homes so different, So Appealing ” This book represents the main features of the Pop Art: decontextualization, incongruity, provocation and humor. In Britain, artists like David Hockney, began one of the most characteristic tendencies of the movement, paint trademarks, example his “Typhoo Tea. At the same time, artists like Roy Linchenstein widened the field of Pop Art, the latter with its immense oil paintings imitating cartoons of the comic. The move comes one of its most important with the emergence of Andy Warhol, who sought to remove the artwork from any sign of craft. Using means such as screen printing, with which he views from brands such as Coca-Cola and Campbell’s soup can.Also with “The Factory” was the impetus of the stars of music and television all these years. Thus the Pop Art movement determined what was done earlier as Dada and Surrealism, and completely breaks the notion that it was art, creating a new vision to the world that even today, is valid. Conversation History No. 007 Whereas now the cyber-space has become very important and marks one of the main features of contemporary society, I take the image of the smiley, (graphic symbol used in communications via email and serves to express the mood of the sender) to make it a sculptural representation in real space.

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