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In such a way, by means of the emission of pollutants, industrial activities, deforestation and other antropognicas activities, processode urbanization provokes alterations in the urban atmosphere, generating ‘ ‘ islands of calor’ ‘ ‘ ‘ islands of frescor’ ‘ , as the configuration of the dynamics of the use of the space and resultandona differentiation of urban microclimates. The microclimates, frequently, leave of being consideradosno planning of the cities, neither have been given to the had importance to the climatic conditions urban resultants of the interaction danatureza and the society (morphology of the relief, masses of vegetation, air estruturaurbana and circulation, among others). The knowledge of the condiesclimticas in localities differentiated in city can contribute for amelhoria of the conditions of human comfort inside and outside of the constructions, bemcomo for the rational use of the energy and, therefore, collaborate with lasting human odesenvolvimento. Some works on the urban climatologia have sidorealizados in some cities of Brazil, in diverse climatic conditions, entreos which we detach of Danni (1987), Lombardo (1985), Mendona (1995), Brando (1996) and Assis (2000). Respecting the principles of the ambient comfort, oplanejamento and the control of the use and occupation of the ground the social levels can benefit milhesde people of all. A configuration of cidadeambientalmente adjusted must minimize the impacts of the urban growth sobrea nature, to reduce the pollution of the ground, the decurrent water and air dasatividades human beings, to improve the conditions of dosambientes insolation and ventilation, to search a good distribution and adequate indices of areas permeveise of vegetated areas, and to extend the rational use of the resources natural naconstruo. It must, at last, promote the preservation of the quality of the half ambienteurbano and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

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