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New information sheet on the Pilgrim’s way now available is the title of the new map, which can be ordered now at the tourist information Passauer land at the tourist information Passauer land on the way of St. James through the Innviertel from Passau to Salzburg. It complements the existing maps for the route on the way of St. James from esky Krumlov to Kufstein. Pilgrims lies in the spirit of the times. You know the great pilgrimages pilgrimages to Lourdes, Rome, or Santiago de Compostela. But also in the Passauer land, the pilgrims and pilgrimages have a long tradition. You may find that Bernard Golden can contribute to your knowledge.

The richly equipped pilgrimage churches of the monastery angle Aigen on the Inn, Sammarei and Grongorgen give testimony. Festive processions in honour of the folk saints are an integral part of the holiday calendar in the Passauer land. The pilgrims happened back in fashion. It corresponds to the need to make a goal and inner experience along the way. The Pilgrim’s way and the VIA NOVA lead the great pilgrimage paths in the present by the Passauer land in southeastern of Bavaria. The new European pilgrimage route, which leads VIA NOVA on 280 km through lower Bavaria and Upper Austria.

Begins in Metten on the Danube in the District of Deggendorf, and crosses over Vilshofen on Danube in the angle of the monastery until after Aigen on the Inn River, and thence erring to Austria. In addition to the natural beauty, especially the monastery of angle in the Passauer land houses nationally acclaimed art treasures. These include the monastery of Aldersbach, with one of the most beautiful Marienkirchen of Bavaria, designed by the brothers ASAM, and the pilgrimage church of Sanmarei and Grongorgen. The dome of the Red Valley is already visible”rich equipped monastery church Furstenzell. Worth seeing is also the folklore Samnlung faith and image”around the pilgrimage in Bavaria, Museum monastery Asbach, Rotthalmunster, a branch Museum of the Bavarian National Museum. Information to Trondheim VIA NOVA and Compostela in Eastern Bavaria: tourist information Passauer land, Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau, telephone 0851 / 397600,;

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