Pichon with Corn in Different Textures and Apple Compote. Recipe

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Here is one of my favorite dishes, either for the texture and juiciness of the meat that gives us the pigeon or by the combination of great taste that gives us corn.
In this dish I would like to emphasize the texture of corn because as you can see what worked in three different ways, thus making power merge flavors little used to this kind of meat.
To make this dish we will need the following ingredients:

For the pigeon: 10 units pigeon, about 5 kilograms. the pigeon separating the portion of the breast and thighs. keep the entire bag vacuum with a little olive oil 0.4. And what will keep the thighs apart until the moment of use.
For the compote of apples: 1 kg of apples great smith, 150 grams of sugar, 100 cc of water. apples in the water with the sugar until tender, put them Thermomix speed 6 for 3 minutes. Stroll through sieve and reserve in refrigerator.
For the garnish: 600 grams. Mini cobs 700 grams. Corn cooked, 200 gm. Kilos. mini ear to the English and reserve in the refrigerator covered with absorbent paper and covered with film until its use.
For the sauce pigeon: 1 kg of pigeon carcasses, 100 grams of mirepoix onion, carrot mirepoix of 100 gm, 100 gm. Emince mushrooms, 50 grams. Tomato concentrate, 1 BG, 50 cc of cognac, 3L water, 50 gr. Olive oil
Heat the olive oil 0.4, brown carcasses.
Once golden brown, add onions and carrots, brown. Add mushrooms, brown. Desglazar with cognac, flambear, alcohol evaporate, add the tomato concentrate, , improve water and BG.
Cook covered for a period of 4 hrs., Espumar often by Chinese strain and reserve. vacuum furnace to unpasteurized humid 80 degrees for 30 minutes, the ice water to cool and reserve in the refrigerator.
To finish the dish, make the breast in nonstick skillet on both sides and place dry 170 degrees oven temperature heart of 36-37 to make it juicy and a little drop of blood.
breast and let stand 1 minute.
In a square dish make a bed with the mini ear on this place the two halves of pechugas opposite way and go placing corn cooked irregularly shaped volume at the plate to end with sauce and beet leaves.
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