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Permanent protection of savings needed fundamental reform of the financial system “assets in Germany: pension and pension claims dampen imbalance, but high concentration remains” under this heading the DIW on January 18, 2010 tells that the individual pension assets reduce the imbalance, the level of concentration of wealth is still. The party of reason asks: individual pension assets represent assets actually? Can Fiat money (credit), which represents a claim against a natural or legal person and has even no intrinsic value, whose Akzeptanz is based on statutory provisions, are actually over a longer period of time or even permanently as memory? How is that in this context on October 8, 2008 by the Merkel Government guarantee declaration for the savings in Germany to evaluate? Secure distributed during the current financial crisis in the context of the various rescue measures Billions the purchasing power of the assets in the age? “The Deutsche mark was part of the Fiat currencies with relatively little loss of purchasing power. So their purchasing power by establishing decreased 1948 until the introduction the euro in early 1999 only to about a quarter. The euro has already lost 20 percent according to calculations of the Alliance since the launch of European Monetary Union value. “For the purchasing power of 100 US$ from 1913 2,167 US are today, after almost 100 years of official inflation calculation $ needed.” Looks like an asset protection for old age? No! The unsecured paper money system, provided money and interest by Decree is responsible for the financial crisis, the unnecessary rescue programs and the accompanying this through monetary expansion, highly appealing in the foreseeable inflation. Actually ensure of the purchasing power, not only pension and pension entitlements, but of all savings, it requires a fundamental reform of the financial system. For the simultaneous prevention of future financial crises represents the party of reason logically irrefutable proposals of the Economist and Nobel Laureate Friedrich August von Hayek. Free markets with free, controlled not by the Government and the policy money, create the conditions for long-term economic success in Germany and real prosperity for the entire population.

Ultimately (also) created this thing worth secured currency at the same time ensures the preservation of the purchasing power of all deposits. The party of reason invites all interested people together politically to engage with us. Changes are possible only with political power. Fight with us for a future of freedom! More information: parteiprogramm.html #finanzen ursache_der_finanzkrise.html node / 739… image/politics/economy/2010/01/16/teuro-shock/euro-… Image source: party of reason is a party within the meaning of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and of the law on political parties. It brings together members without distinction of nationality, wpg, origin, race, sex and profession of faith, which want to participate in the construction and development of a democratic rule of law and a social order of the free spirit and reject totalitarian and dictatorial efforts of any kind. The reason is a party with an economic orientation in Germany with the mandatory target of the strengthening of freedom and individual responsibility. The party of reason stands for Justice and openness to the world, a system of free market economy and a liberal constitutional State. Contact: Party of reason Jorg Brechlin high str. 26 07545 Gera 017696497835

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