Participation of Spain and Holland

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Welcome to the president leading Spanish.
Although roughly the formula of the G-20 corresponds roughly to the distribution of the 20 countries, leaving aside Spain and Holland, as it is considered to be represented at the European Union, countries that were not previously in the G -8, it would be through the EU. QuikCash units are equipped with touch screens noted ,head of Global Cash. Spain was not included in the G-8 (which includes a change in GDP as countries like Russia and Canada) or fall into the category of underdeveloped countries that broadens the G-20 (also by this criterion is not to Holland, Sweden and Belgium, more economic development to Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Argentina) The Spanish government on the basis of the relevance of the summit and has declared its intention to participate in the summit organized by the government estadounisense. Jos Luis Rodr guez Zapatero, the president of the Spanish Government, declare that Spain has to be. This has been contacted by Washington , and through diplomacy with its allies, both received the support of the Head of State King Juan Carlos I and the opposition leader, Mariano Rajoy and organizations like the European Union and several Latin American and also many of the G-20 countries that have declared support for the Spanish participation: The French president Nicolas Sarkozy asked Bush to stop this and go to Spain so we agreed to end Spain participated in the summit. To avoid being seen as a particular inclusion is also included to Holland.

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