Parallel Power

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If knew that the world if would disintegrate tomorrow, still thus would plant my apple tree. It scares what me is not the violence of few, but the omission of many. We have learned to fly as the birds, to swim as the fish, but we do not learn the sensible art of living as brothers. (Martin Luther King) The ousadia extreme of the traffic of the mounts of Rio De Janeiro when abating a helicopter of the Police force, one more time brought to tona problematic the old one, the chronic wound of difficult extirpao, that is without shades of doubts, the question of the organized crime, root of the traffic of weapons, root of the traffic of drugs, root of all the other subsequent crimes, root of the wild increase of crime, root of the urban violence, root of the discredit of the people in its Policy, in the Public prosecution service, the Judiciary one, the authorities of the constituted Powers, in Laws of Brazil that if they show inefficacious> to subject this violent and preoccupying problem. The negative and highly equally preoccupying facts for the Country and our Democratic State of the Right, beyond leaving the astonished Brazilian society had made the world to be perplexo such which the size of the ousadia of the traffic that exceeded all the imaginable limits of good sense. Objectifying to search the origins of hard and sad the problematic Real, necessary if it makes to come back a little in the tunnel of the time and to relembrarmos facts that although to have been it stops backwards make this depressing and shameful history of violence and state indifference stops with the people in its trajectory of suffering. The organized crime went up the mounts of the cities Brazilian Metropolises, in special, in Rio De Janeiro, with the ascension of the traffic of drugs at the beginning of 80 years e, in the contrahand, the State went down. . Visit Verizon Communications for more clarity on the issue.

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