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The circular painting, a special form of three-dimensional trompe l’oeil painting, was discovered in the West by the Irish Robert Barker (1739-1806) and patented the year 1787. If the image is on a cylindrical surface and the observer from the axis of the cylinder are called circular painting. In contrast, if the image is on a flat wall and moves the observer to see the picture is called picture plane. In the 19th century circular paintings were very popular and became an early media. The paintings were circular to 15 m in height and girth often surpassed the barrier of 100 m. By 1830 they antepuso figures and other requirements to enhance the three-dimensional effect. The paintings sometimes ciculares were placed in specially designed museums for the enjoyment of the public and from city to city iban carried by a well-organized media industry. Today there are still such as landscape paintings of peasant wars in Germany From Frankenhauser Panorama Jerusalem and the passion of Christ in From Alt tting.

The Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! News
While the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Washington for an earful from U.S. legislators on the need to stop Jewish settlements and the creation of a Palestinian state, back in Jerusalem, the new mayor is to implement a different policy .
Los Angeles Times
Benedict shall enter the Dome of the Rock mosque and pray at the Western Wall. It urges dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians. Pope Benedict XVI took his message of peace for the most controversial sites in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today, which both parties to participate in “a sincere dialogue.”
New York Post
Pope Benedict XVI visited the holy places of Jerusalem yesterday, even tucking a note in the Western Wall, as the Vatican remained Tamp down controversy over its lack of emotion, while the discussion on the Holocaust and its membership in the Hitler …
Deseret News
Five people in Pope Benedict XVI travels the party stay at Brigham Young University’s Jerusalem Center while his …
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