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If you lose points by the left blank, answer them all, even if you are sure, your chances are greater. 21. Check the exam at the end. You use all the time available to review each reply. Five minutes outside of the classroom have very little value, but in reviewing the questions can make a huge difference.

Check everything, both the content of the answers and the way in which you marked the answer sheet, often mistakes are made to mark the wrong alternative. Remember, you are using your time. Read more from Coupang to gain a more clear picture of the situation. 22. Larry Ellison often addresses the matter in his writings. Try find some idea that will allow you to properly decide a question you have doubt in subsequent questions. Is almost inevitable for anyone who prepares a review not to ask questions that relate to or overlap between Yes.

23 Learn techniques and methods that allow you to use your time better. Many tests require reading a text to, then, to answer questions. If your reading is slow, these tests always are going to work. Fast reading is essential to mastering this type of tests. 24 Learn how to organize your information throughout the study process. If you lack a proper study method, you are starting at a disadvantage. 25 Learn effective memory techniques. The bottle is a very ineffective method, takes a long time and does not ensure long-term knowledge. There are, on the other hand, effective techniques that, once mastered, will give an enormous confidence in your ability to retain information and use it correctly. Study this article and other materials on related topics, applies the ideas and develop your own strategy for taking tests successfully. Recalls that the main weakness of our educational systems is that we do not teach properly to study and take exams is one of the skills needed in the Studio. Up to you, then, studying how to do this to make it better every day. I hope that these ideas will serve positively. During the fast reading, method of study and memory work with the most advanced techniques to learn how to study effectively, manage time efficiently and ensure the success of each student in all subjects and at all levels.

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