Origin of the name of Tai Chi Chuan

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The name of Tai Chi Chuan are unknown. There is a version eating plan of this source has been widely disseminated and muscles that comes from Zhenji Yang, son of Yang Chengfu:
When Yang Lu Chan taught initially in Yong Nian art fitness (circa 1855), his art was still called “Mian Quan or (Cotton Fist) or ‘Hua Quan’ (Puno Neutralizer), was not called Taijiquan. While teaching at the Imperial Court, Yang met with many challenges, some friendly and abs others not. But invariably won, exercise program using his gentle techniques, so convincing that he won a great reputation.
Many who attended the imperial court came to watch their matches. In one such gathering, in which Yang had won several reputed antagonists, this was the scholar Ong Tong He, who was so impressed how it performed and Yang moved his techniques, he felt that his movements and techniques expressing the physical manifestation of the principles of Tai Chi (philosophy), and wrote for a couplet:
The hands that hold the Tai Chi do shake the world
a heart that contains a consummate technique defeat a multitude of heroes.
After this, his art was called Tai crunchless abs Chi Chuan and the styles that emerged from his teaching, for his association with, also called by the method this name.
Barbara Davis (2004) notes, as other authors, the former method names of Tai Chi Chuan in the Chen family – Thirteen ways (Shiseido shi) Long Boxing (Changquan) or Puno Canon (Paocui) – and the Yang family – Boxing soft workout (ruanquan) or boxing conversion (huaquan) – and that the origin of the name as Tai Chi Chuan can be set between 1853 and 1880, related to the Wu brothers (see Wu (Hao) Taijiquan) or because Li Yiyu Wu Ruqing wrote in exercise video his essay
This martial art is called “Tai Chi” because it is based on yin and yang, in full and empty
While, Douglas 1999. he has been working out for a long time using the Page 84
In the same way Yiyu Li wrote a poem that relates to the martial art of Tai Chi principles:
How wonderful is the Tai Chi Chuan,
whose movements follow the laws of nature!
continued as a jade bracelet,
Every movement is a symbol of Tai Chi.
While, Douglas 1999. Page 89
Whereas under the same author is unknown reason I use this name but the Chen clan is to build on the outreach that had developed the Yang family as they attributed their teaching. In any case in 1930 the Chen clan already using that name as recorded in the Chen Xin. Yoga for the 3rd age. Social Yogi. Polls Yogi. Yogi Wallpaper. La Planta Medica … Place hands on hips, jumps and splits your feet. …
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