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Recently, again faced with making wedding invitations. To us in the studio asked the customer, asking them to make a pattern of wedding invitations. Meet and begin to discuss the style. Wish sounds like this: " I will in a vintage or retro style. Colours – Sepia " The content of the original text has not been discussed because it is the most easily solvable problem. Texts: classical, romantic, verse, with elements of humor, plenty, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. One of the conditions the customer is present at the invitation pictures of bride and groom. Problem in general is clear.

Asked what Photos will be used in the manufacture of wedding invitations. Offer to be photographed, the benefit of the young come to talk together. See some embarrassment, oppression. Explain that photography is nothing, to customers who bought individually designed invitations, photography 2-3 images for free. Thus, we simplify the process of creating a sketch of his invitation. Even if you have come to discuss the future design alone, do not worry. We're doing a test just to create a photo layout, and when the template wedding invitations will be ready and approved by the customer, we invite you to our studio or our photographer will come to you, and in comfortable surroundings will shoot for the approved version of the invitation. To reiterate – this is for you for free. Admittedly, we are not philanthropists, the value of photography is included in the cost of design your wedding invitations.

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