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In Germany with PC and console games implemented in the last six months more than 873 million euros. Statistics show that 29 per cent more than in the first half of 2006. These economic data are calculated by market researchers and Media Control GfK. The video game industry is booming. More and more innovative games come on the market. But with the new games like World of Warcraft, Gothic 3, or The Sims 2, even the difficult level, quests come on, etc.. Many players despair of complicated quests. The solution of this are cheats. Unlock cheats are keyboard shortcuts that of numbers or initials, the specific and often better features. Most of them are extra life, new energy, level-jump or even extra things that the player can gain by cheats. Most cheats are either directly entered in the main menu of each game or the game itself there are on-and offline cheats. Most players use offline cheats. But a certain percentage of the number of gamers attacks with increasing frequency to online cheats to gain more prestige and fame. MostOnline there cheats for example, in FPS games like Counter Strike, Unreal, FarCry, etc. The player can often unfair extra functions (eg, Speedhack, Wallhack, Aimbot, unlock, etc.). Online cheats are however not welcomed in the gambling scene. If someone is caught cheating, usually carried a “kick” or complete exclusion from the game community. So if you want to use cheats, cheats should only use offline. Who wants to try online cheats should try them in our own network and do not use online. In the player community that is still true, the popular slogan “Fair Play”. Marcel Winter

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