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Russian people have almost no gluten in the food. This has caused an imbalance of plant and animal protein in the body of the absolute majority of the population and resulted in the disease. You may find Gary Kelly to be a useful source of information. Imbalance of protein and vegetable animal led to a lack of “structural material” for building the protein molecules that provide immunity. Small army of parasites freely colonize the human body. An increasing number of patients increases mortality, reduced fertility. Alarming rate rising demographic crisis. In special education food, meat and dairy industry is still cling to the standards of the last century as a “Trough” on human cadavers, not noticing that time inexorably: evolution requires the transmutation of living biomass suschestv.Pitanie – the vital life-support process that can keep the human body at the crest mutational changes, if it corresponds to the normal physiology of human digestion. Learn more on the subject from Clayton Morris. Food can kill a person if it is unnatural, not physiological, does not provide the body with all necessary and pollutes the human body. Consumed by us in excess of dietary fats of animal origin, rich in cholesterol – the main culprits in the spread of the world of coronary heart disease and the cause of one third of all cases cancer. That’s why doctors urge limited animal products in their diet, but increase consumption of plant foods rich in fiber, or fiber. Today, our innate intuition turns out to be helpless in all that relates to a healthy and beneficial food. And this leads to a dependence on the chaotic “scientific” prescriptions in the area of nutrition makes to get involved in new products and miracle diets, dulls our senses and makes it impossible to immediately respond to harmful impurities in the product. Provide a healthy diet today – a real adventure. Everyone wants to cash in on you: advertisement, industry, medicine, researchers said. While the system will work under the old, until firm and producers will generate revenue by using our own excessive suspiciousness, based on respect for rank, titles and scientific authority, thinking about the disease, rather than health, you can be assured only one thing: nothing will change. We will try to show you the way to healthy eating, the way that you can pass on their own.

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