Nowadays some people

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Nowadays some people prefer to spend more time with the TV and video games to enjoy the unique benefit of interacting with another person. 1 .- There is always a risk. If we expect to have relationships where there are no difficulties or possibility of being hurt or even injured are never going to happen to fellow friends.Friendship is the risk and counterpoints failures of others. 3 .- Stay away from selfishness. The main problem to advance the interpersonal relationships of friendship is just thinking more in me than in others. Avoid search only their taste or their favorite activities, learn to live with the tastes and preferences of others and may be a better person and therefore more mature. 5 .- Have details to friends who make them feel important. Recados, messages, emails, details and free gifts. become a necessary incentive that makes others identify you have been thinking about them and are they important to you. Do not wait for the other person do it for you.Resolve to take the first step.

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