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Hello, Scalleja.
It added the maintenance staff “had no aparente” andalusia IguapopGallery article in which you worked. Agradecere art will review the policy on the items and had no apparent if you think that the article does not conform to what is described here, expose your arguments in the discussion page of the article to try to reach an agreement on the withdrawal of this template. If the plan to “sinrelevancia ‘stay at the paper for a period of thirty days, it may generate a query in which the community decide whether the item is deleted or not. If during this period are not presented arguments justifying the relevance of the article or the arguments are not valid, it is likely that the article be deleted.
It is not considered a good practice to remove the template without having reached agreement with the user that the user or a place that enjoys the confidence of the community (eg a library).
Do not be discouraged by this small incident, your contributions are very important to Wikipedia. Thanks for your understanding, Ensadaand # 160;! Is Digamelon ’06:47 10 Mar 2008 (UTC)
Hello Scalleja: The article is well-referenced, now an art gallery that is not relevant to an encyclopedia topic. Man, there are some important, but I do not think this is the case. There are hundreds of galleries and to be admitted would have to show their special significance. Anyway, let me document a little and talk about it. A greeting. Ensadaand # 160;! Is Digamelon ’05:47 11 Mar 2008 (UTC) I forgot, I typed in my user page instead of the discussion, is accessed museum by clicking on Digamelon

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