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Norma Shearer was one of the hottest stars in the firmament of Hollywood in the thirties. Embodied more than any other performer the brightness of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer in the greatest moment of the studies. While his career spans from 1920 to 1942, his image is absolutely linked to the 1930-1936 period, but is best remembered today for two subsequent films, “Marie Antoinette” (Marie Antoinette, 1938) and “Women” (The Women , 1939). During the silent film, Shearer knew the harsh discipline they had to work with industry pioneers and interpretation techniques naturalistic film, coming to work with some outstanding directors like DW Griffith, Ernst Lubitsch and Victor Seastrom. Hired by Louis B. Mayer for his company, he joined the roster of the MGM when it was founded in 1924 as one of his naive.There his career would be greatly enhanced by the “Boy Wonder” Irving Thalberg studies, with whom he would marry in 1927. Shearer was gradually gaining public favor so that the end of the twenties, was already a hugely popular star. However, his position would be further entrenched with the arrival of talkies, to completely change their registration papers, leaving the naive characters so typical of silent period, for others it offered a modern, elegant and released . This change coincided with a period in which the Hays censorship code, had not yet been implemented with all its severity, so the public could admire a totally different Shearer, seductive, but stayed within the codes of elegance and good taste more absolute in titles like “The Divorcee” (The Divorcee, 1930), “Alma libre” (A Free Soul, 1931) or “inner lives” (Private Lives, 1931).Daughter of h, who had been a stage actress, and sister Athole Shearer, h Norma Shearer began acting in films as a teenager under the influence of maternal and DWGriffith hand. Way Down East, 1920, was his baptism in film, though it had a tiny role in the film. In 1923 became part of MGM, on the advice of one of the most influential producers of the era, Irving Thalberg, who actually was in love with her and become her husband on 29 September 1927. Specializing in small roles, achieve fame as co-star of The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (The Student Prince) 1927 romantic film which was left captivated by Ram n Novarro. Her first talkie was The Trial of Mary Dugan, who agreed to star after another strong silent film star, Madge Bellamy, rejected doing so. Only a year later, her role in The Divorcee gave him the Oscar for best actress.His career went from strength to strength when, on 14 September 1936, her husband, Irving Thalberg died with only thirty-seven, suffering from pneumonia, what made you decide to rule out the screen. However, his contract with MGM and had stopped him, necessarily, to accept more films starring, among which may have found the legendary Gone With the Wind, not the public have “graduated” by Vivien Leigh. His last film was Her Cardboard Lover, in 1942, which Martin remarried Arrouge, a ski instructor twenty years younger than her. He died in 1983, a victim of pneumonia after suffering from alcoholism and depression for the last years of his life. Winner of the 1929/1930 Best Actress Oscar for “The Divorcee” (The Divorcee) by Robert Z. Leonard. Nominated for best actress Oscar for 1929/1930 “Dawn of Love” (Their Own Desire) of E. Mason Hopper Best Actress Oscar Nominee 1930/1931 by “Alma libre” (A Free Soul) by Clarence Brown.Nominated for best actress Oscar 1934 by “The Virgin of Wimpole” (The barrets of Wimpole Street) in Sidney Franklin. Nominated for best actress Oscar 1936 for Romeo and Juliet “(Romeo and Juliet) in George Cukor. Nominated for best actress Oscar 1938 for “Marie Antoinette” (Marie Antoinette) de WAS Van Dyke. Lion of St. Mark Best Actress 1938 for “Marie Antoinette” (Marie Antoinette) de WAS Van Dyke.

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