New York Fashion Week

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Moroccanoil Artistic Director Antonio Corral Calero styling for RACHEL ZOE, the inspiration for the collection: in the spring/summer collection 2014 takes Rachel Zoe that modern jet set girl on Safari, almost as confident travelling Muse’. The collection is dominated by exotic glamour, which combines smooth silhouettes, essential elements and innovative materials. You plays skillfully with classic and contemporary design. In earthy tones, such as cognac, Khaki and gold with fresh impulses in mint and rose, as well as black and white statements as a contrast the hair look: for the Rachel Zoe collection spring/summer 2014 created runway stylist and Moroccanoil Artistic Director Antonio Corral Calero, airy look with soft textures. He was inspired by wind-whipped safaris and tribal elements.

Corral Calero created the non-constructed, modern variant of the braid, with contrasting and overlapping texture effects that appear as if they are on-the-go’ have been styled, naturally dried and plaited by the elements. According to corral Calero “must be the hair in good condition, this kind of flowing looks to be styled. Some of the parts gleam, but some strands have a glossy texture (possible with the soon to be available Moroccanoil root boost and the Moroccanoil molding cream). Thanks to the use of the Moroccanoil treatment in dry hair, can hair still of course move up and healthy feel.” Styling: “I started with a small amount of Moroccanoil treatment as the basis in the dry hair. As a result, the hair is smooth and strengthened, what is an optimal preparation for the styling. By the neck from starting, I sprayed on the roots of the hair Moroccanoil root boost.

By using the Moroccanoil treatment in dry hair, also the following products have better grip. Visit cloud computing for more clarity on the issue. Next, I warmed a little Moroccanoil molding cream between my fingers and worked from the roots to the tips. The molding cream is the most important product for the look, because it gives a glossy texture, which at the same time light Shimmers.

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