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Climbing park manufacturer presents tree house concepts for the 21st century. AMSTERDAM, Netherlands treehouses are for many an aspect of her childhood. And not much has changed”confirms Ewout van Voorst, the CEO of the Dutch company of Skywalker adventure builders, which has made a name with its innovative and environmentally friendly concepts for the construction of commercial forest rope courses and climbing parks in Europe and is specialized also in designing tree houses of any kind and form. “A tree house is still a fascination for children have a place for fun, no limits are set to a secret base for creative play, a place where the imagination”, van Voorst said. No matter whether traditional style or futuristic, stealth’-design, a Treehouse is really something special. Tree houses is considered a part of their natural environment.

Aesthetics and ecological compatibility play in this respect in all of our designs a central role.” Tree houses are however already long not only something for children. We observe for several years that treehouses for adults are strong on the rise”, explains Van Voorst. We’re not talking about simple log cabins designs. We talk offices for working from home, comfortable studios and studios, refugia luxuriously furnished in a rustic style with fireplace, cable television and high-tech offices for self-employed professionals about modern additional living space.” In the context of the growing during the last years trend of leisure activities in the great outdoors commercially-operated outdoor leisure facilities focus also is increasing on the tree house. The concepts realized most of us represent tree houses here as an integral part of the forest rope park or climbing”, explains Van Voorst. And from a commercial point of view, are a lucrative addition to already established tree houses basically Adventure, nature or theme park. “Whether it is a restaurant in lofty heights or a stunning tree town ‘ as the main visitor attraction is the fascination of tree house is and remains unbroken for all ages.” Skywalker adventure Builder: Skywalker developed sophisticated concepts in the field of free air playgrounds/adventure parks. The company designs and builds ECO forest climbing, rope parks, climbing towers, theme parks and forest – and nature play areas. The experience of the company, the innovative design as well as the quality, safety and durability of the products make Skywalker into one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. ( de)

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