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Ministry of Natural Resources will implement 'green standard' for companies and toughen penalties for environmental pollution. Rivers on the planet because of global warming. Lead promotes the formation of clouds. Venice will be used algae to produce electricity. Scientists have discovered the first all-female species of ants.

Dates of the week: The International Earth Day and the 23rd anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. Overview of events for the week of 20/04/2009 to 26/04/2009. Lead promotes the formation of clouds Scientists from Germany, usa and Switzerland, as a result of the experiments have proved that the tiny particles of lead compounds contained in the atmosphere, contribute to the formation of active clouds by lowering the relative humidity and temperature increases that are required to convert the wet atmosphere in the cloud. Geophysicists, a series of experiments that have demonstrated ability of lead to increase the nucleation of ice crystals that make up clouds, and the fact that these properties lead successfully implemented in the Earth's atmosphere. Scientists believe that lead to a greater extent contributes to cooling of the atmosphere, preventing the action of greenhouse gases from human activities. Scientists have discovered the first all-female species of ants C surprising discovery encountered Entomologists from the United States, Australia and Panama – they discovered a colony of ants M. , which dispense entirely without sexual relations, reproducing only by cloning the queen. Examining hundreds of ports in Panama, Guyana, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, scientists have not found a single male. In social insects, which include ants, usually there are several ways of self-reproduction of offspring, but this view seems to have evolved to new, its own way.

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