National Union Sinarquista

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Sinarquismo, political, social and cultural. Founded in Leon Guanajuato, May 23, 1937. Defines its ideology as a Nationalist, Democratic People’s Social – Community.
Emerges as a community participation project in the beginning, because the regime of the NRP had neglected promises made since the fundamental revolution as the Agrarian Reform were kabbalah effective and fair, improvement in working conditions, national sovereignty, elimination of the high rate of crime, extreme poverty and the survival of chiefdoms and ranchers, who after being porphyritic, survived the Revolution, or were military leaders who managed to tree center make farms and creating a new group of power, cabalakabala as was the case of Cedillo, Gonzalo Santos N, Garrido, etc …
Two trends in the match meditation center then Sinarquismo: the origin of social unionism and the Catholic-nationalist groups cities.
It is important to note that Catholicism called “social”, not to integrate but rather, was an important sector of Catholics struggling to solve the so-called social problems: unemployment, poverty, injustice, lack of democracy .
The Sinarquismo emerged in 1937 and shortly thereafter, Lazaro Cardenas begins a process of social reforms that Sinarquismo viewed with suspicion, since both Cardenas and eliminates independent organizations are forced to merge in Central controlled by the ruling party. Eliminates his enemies pedicure (ex-President Calles, most military), the independent community, the unionists themselves zohar Christians.
The Regim exercised absolute control in the media, elections, trade unions, where the CTM (the government) to agreements with employers to eliminate dissidents. In rural areas, with paramilitary groups known as Agrar and through ejido commissioners, controlled the political and economic life of large parts of the nation.
This combination of social reforms with a fascist regime dye had media success, to the extent that even today he is regarded as strengthening the populist and authoritarian presidentialism that ruled Mexico until 2000.
Sinarquismo the development of an action plan based on cooperatives, community work, the independent trade union organization, the defense of fundamental freedoms, cultural identity and contrary to official propaganda, a struggle for agrarian reform based on the earth who should be working, and the same company, should be co-owned by the worker.
A development based on a mystical “spirit of insurrection.” And the personal goal was to become sinarquista each, a “monk-soldier, who had deep inner life, and at the same time, a fierce sense, critical to the social and political struggle.
Politicos were: Partido Popular Force (the first woman nominated to run for governor the kabbalah of Michoacan). in 2006 the movie Hallowed Ground was produced by productions include Hallowed Ground (2006) distributed by Icon Film Distribution and The Sci-Fi Channel; Never Cry Werewolf (2007) distributed by Peace Arch Releasing, The Sci Fi Channel and Phoenicia Pictures; Perdio because the registry on a public event, kaballah a group of young men climbed the statue of Benito los angeles center Juarez and put a tarp on the head.
Much later, in 1971, comes the israel – center Democratic Party of Mexico. Ideological: Nationalism, Revolution, and Popular Democratico.
His closest line to a social – social democracy and communitarianism moderate.
Loses strength by allowing their leaders to enter final PAN elements identified with an ambiguous “social Christianity” or “Christian democracy”. That ultimately produced a terrible ambiguity age and absurd, the ban will be discussed Sinarquismo and marginalize any work or study on it, reduced to a set of nostalgic of the past “glorious.”
Hence, there is internal conflict between “nationalists” and “civic-religious.” The first, a line that still seeks to construct a legal political movement and a good platform on Sustainable Nation. The latter, consider the Sinarquismo should be a kind of brotherhood that devotional pilgrimages through ceremonials and acts, succeed in creating a national “moral.”
The first trend is the one that has much more presence and organization, because I work through agencies Projection:
National Movement Sinarquista
Its position in international politics one step exacerbated anti-Soviet (the duration of the USSR) and a deep anti U.S. imperialism, a indifferentism almost apolitical.
Their propaganda always used to consider a happy medium: NI NI CAPITALISM COMMUNISM, OR MARX CAPITAL NI, NI NI USSR USA, Etc. ..
The Sinarquismo had its dark pages: sinarquistas More than 300 were killed by the regime. Many in jail, tortured, driven from their homes, spiritual center persecuted, etc …
Today, the Movement Sinarquista seems to have opted to return to their roots of social work and social struggle of nationalist tinge.
There are versions of history Sinarquista red string which generally are the same rules as assignment writers Mario Gil (pseudonym) and study center the same Lombardo Toledano.
I leave before it was published as an example.

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