Mounting Hardware

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Mounting hardware offered by the organization are divided into engineering fasteners, automotive fasteners and more. Among the different types of fasteners used nuts, pins, bolts, screws, washers, pins, and flat springs, rivets, countersunk and pan head, anchors, and others. Our grid is used in the construction and the economy. In construction, welded wire mesh used for reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures, foundations, brickwork. As well, the grid is often used in horticulture in the manufacture of designs for greenhouses and more. For the manufacture of fur farming in Valier, for a variety of fences and the like.

At using rutile electrodes, toxic emissions during welding are less harmful. Likewise, the use of rutile electrode for welding with alternating current gives an intense burning of the arc with negligible outlay for material spray, a professional manufacturer of seamless and easy removal of the slag crust. Depending on the purpose, a grid divided into woven, whole-metal prosecheno-drawn, twisted grid, grid-rabitsu. Different types of fasteners, wire mesh and the electrode by the company "STROYTEHINVEST" is a huge application in many fields of industrial economy. STROYTEHINVEST sells a huge selection of welding electrodes for various types of metal products. Welding electrodes are commonly used in metal welding of carbon steel, high alloy steels, as well as for welding of cast iron, welding defects and wear parts for welding of carbon and high-manganese steel. The electrodes are realized with an acidic, basic and cellulosic electrodes.

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