Minimizing The Downtime Of Employees By Rückenunterstützende Office Chairs

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Managers and personnel should consider the effects of a good office chair rückenunterstützenden and the downtime of its employees. A pain-free and motivated employees work better and faster, and absenteeism due to illness will be minimized. Because in today’s world, every third is suffering from back pain at work, the cost for a back-back-protecting office chair neglect of the rule in the somewhat more expensive to purchase. The quality and longevity of the office chairs are the same but even from themselves without illness of the employee. In calculating a down time of 2-3 days per year which is a common disease easily meets the back of sick days, the purchase of an expensive office chair is paid for! Calculation of an employee at 15 € / hour Example 24 hours x 15 € gives a value of 360 € only to loss costs, excluding non-work completed to have computed the tying up your colleagues and lost business. AtConsidering the simple numbers and the sample calculation should really recognize all managers and employees responsible for the resulting profit quickly and act accordingly. According to our present point of view to have up and more companies (of which I never would have expected) on the office chair of the firm. Grahl Duo Back with back to back to avoid exactly this. The Duo-back office chair relieves the back up to 50% according to studies by universities, professors and doctors. Due to the large selection of office chairs by Grahl, for each group the right office chair series this to obtain the optimum for your company and your employees and to minimize downtime and increase the motivation! Most buyers are limited to the requirements of the company’s management, so it is in your area, the decision points in the right direction and must be increased so that downtime and the profitability of your employees! You are the manager! Stefan Schuster

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