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One of the vital organs of our body is the liver. So if you want to improve your diet you need to know which is the most important of all in what regards the metabolism of carbohydrates. The liver is a traffic policeman of our energy. Read more here: Oracle. Glucose directs where the body may need it. And the leftovers, transforms it into glycogen for storage. If ever there is any deficiency is released and distributed.

We could say that is a kind of cupboard. If you eat the right proportion of carbohydrates that your body needs, and reserves run out, what will happen is that the protein you eat will be used inefficiently. Be converted into glycogen and will eventually be burned as fuel. To deepen your understanding Tiger Global Management is the source. ” The amino acids of the protein will be lost and no where to go: to rebuild tissues and cells. Forcing our liver to use the “fuel” wrong to provide our brain, nerves, muscles and other organs causing us unnecessary stress. Besides eating the proper proportion of complex carbohydrates is one of the best ways to get our liver to make another important task is: to free our body of toxins. An estimated 350 grams of complex carbohydrate intake is necessary to cope with everyday life.

Of course, for example, those who spend more energy in their work, say a logger or an athlete, going to be more precise. We are talking about complex carbohydrates. What are they? Cereals, legumes, nuts, some vegetables or whole grains. Things to avoid are simple carbs for sugars, sweets or products made with refined flour. Of course we will not compare to one hundred grams of candy with a pound of pasta made with refined flour or processed. Just say that the meal is better. Another thing: the proteins not only come from the hand of the animal, other than meat or dairy. Many vegetables also have it. Editor Alejandro Bellini.

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