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Dear all, is an honor for me to get in touch and their orders by this means, for my part I will be putting up for discussion topics for analysis of all, trying to put aside any that envestidura my position as professor of me. In this first contribution I would like to discuss about the 4 P’s of marketing, as most know these 4 P’s are: Price, Place, Product and Promotion, The Marketing new global trends and their scholars have said that there are 3 P’s more to consider These are: Profits (gains), Packing (Packaging), and Personal. Do you think that is necessary to make this separation , Some marketers conservatives say that these new 3 P’s already covered in the 4 P’s original and therefore can not be separated, moreover, modern marketers say that because of the importance of these must be studied separately and pass by the famous 4 P’s of Marketing at 7 P’S OF MARKETING What is your opinion on the subject Atte. Mr. Cesar Luis Bonilla Guarnieri, MBA.


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