Many young people,

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Many young people, lots of beautiful girls and no greater or more people apparently lower social strata. Rather, it seems a protest pijos children of Tehran. ” Author: Keryo SAIP in 1989 the company decided to found a club, and did so by buying a team from the 4th division of the local League of Teheran. In 1990 played in the 3rd division of the tournament, and in 1991 had already risen to the 2nd division. That same year he purchased the team and Shipping Department’s team participated in the 1st division of the local League of Teheran. In its first participation in the league champions went out, as well as the Super Cup in Teheran. This gave the opportunity to participate in the super league in Iran, until then call Azadegan League. In its first participation lifted the title, as well as the Hazfi Cup. In 1994 returned to win the title, but in 1995 dropped to the 2nd division. Climb again and again in 2007 out of the Champions League, now called IPL

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