Mallorca – Two Faces

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Mallorca has evolved over the past 30 years has become a real tourist hot spot, with more people from around the world have the benefits of this unique island met. Thus one can speak not only of the “Island of the Germans, but the range of tourists is spread very wide. Also, one should take leave from prejudice that takes place in Mallorca just cheaper mass tourism, it is in recent years increasingly in the direction of peaceful vacation stays at posh hotels that lie along the coast. Mallorca is certainly of interest to its versatility, there are steeply sloping rocky coasts in the north, green valleys with olive groves, pine forests, almond orchards and miles of pristine sandy beaches. But the fun comes in Majorca in no case is too short, in cities such as El Arenal or Paguera can turn night into day and if you want to do without rather than German food, German beer and German sounds -, one gets filled at its expense . On the other hand, there are a number ofsmall villages and towns where time has stopped well. One can hardly believe that it is the same island. The best way to this beautiful island with a rental car to explore, which can be rented at many places throughout the island.

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