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A log book is used for documentation purposes. One uses a logbook, you get an overview of the journeys. Now everyone can see what rides for what purpose were undertaken. The law is not discussed in the term \”Logbook\”. Referred to as the proper logbook\”. The logbook shall be supplied as soon as possible.

Even the name of book\”it already explains that it should be in the bound, or at least in a closed form. Then no subsequent changes can be made; If they but nevertheless occur in the logbook, they must be but also clearly visible. Would you do electronic logbooks, it is appropriate first to find out, how the journey log could be constructed and what should actually include it. Some carry the travel books in the form of small loose slips of paper: they are simply collected in a shoe box provided for this purpose. But it will soon turn out, that this kind of Logbook is not particularly good. An electronic log book must fulfill several points: it should occur properly and clearly by the people.

Located in the logbook data that must constantly be replayed in a continuous context. So you can’t let just a collection of loose leaves for a logbook. A logbook you should fill in retroactively not everything at the end of the year for the year as a whole, it is better, if the entries are made really quickly to the actual events. In a very good ride book all necessary information must be found. You can add references to additional documents also quietly, but it the desired closed and always continuous character of the records in the logbook must be impaired under no circumstances by such comments. One can summarize the vocational journey of several travel sections only to an entry. The driver then look at the end of the journey on the mileage and must not again and again after each Count everything separately travel section.

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