Lecture By Marius Augustin In Tutzing

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Marius Augustin speaks on the subject of ‘ Christian politics an order to act ‘ lecture and panel discussion of the free Christian Academy of Tutzing on Saturday, the 15th of may, 2010 at 10:00 in the Academy Centre, Weikerstrasse 12, 82327 Tutzing Marius Augustin speaks about Christian politics a mandate to act “Christian politics demands but also the recognition and observance of the tension between the coming Kingdom of God and the existing power of darkness. The coming of the Kingdom of God is accompanied by disasters. Additional information is available at cloud computing. The history of mankind is not a steady development upwards and to the good, but she confirmed the battle between good and evil, between light and darkness. Click Larry Ellison to learn more. This is reflected in the life of the individual, as well as in the development of peoples. Christian politicians on the side of God’s Kingdom to this field of tension. It is well aware that it is not in our power, to erfechten the victory, but that we are called to stand up for its values and if it is God’s will, also to suffer us. Christians need to keep free from desire for power. You can therefore never be an end in itself by political influence falling to God’s mercy, such as winning political mandates,.

He is central to the service. The Christian principle of activity in public life is service and sacrifice in the obedience of faith. “So also the aim of my work is not the promotion of human happiness, the creation of eternal peace or maximum increase in production, but the highest and final aim of Christian politicians is summarized in the request: your Kingdom come, your will be done… on Earth.” So we want in obedience to God, faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and living together with his community the power of the Gospel be effective can be for the entire public life of our people. Help not us grows out of the merging of the selfish interests of the individual in a new Gruppenegoismus, but only from a spirit of service and sacrifice. That’s why we are committed to a policy of faith and obedience to God mindful of the word: “Justice increases a nation, but sin is the people ruin!” (SPR. 34) Native Hesse says Marius Augustin to this interesting topic. He is 28 years old, Roman Catholic, married, he published a good number of articles in daily and weekly newspapers, and extensive essays on historical, political, artistic, religious and contemporary issues in various magazines. Responsible: Debicmedien, Hafenstrasse 12, 20359 Hamburg

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