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Lamy ink roller in the elegant design in the online shop, stationery plus Bensheim, June 30, 2010 in Hesse, in southern Hesse, you will find the Office building Werner E.k.. In the town of Bensheim, you can search the shop and on the Internet you can find under the online representation of the Office building. Writing articles and writing accessories are to be found in the online shop in a wide range. There are well-known and high quality brands, such as Lamy, Parker, Faber Castell or Pelican, and also informative about pens and pen – or mine widths offered one. The Lamy brand is widely represented in the online shop, stationery-plus. It is a product of the Heidelberg company in each category of the products.

The Lamy Studio collection is a very individual series. Can be found in the shop under Lamy Studio ink roller, ballpoint pen and fountain pen /… . Lamy himself referred to the Studio series as a timeless perfection, which is intended for anyone who sees the world from a different angle. It is not surprising that the Designer Hannes Wettstein for the entire Studio series was responsible.

in 2005, the designer created his unfortunately last writing for Lamy. (The Swiss died in 2008.) The elegant writers of Studio series very popular. Just the ink roller from this series is increasing in the interest of the customer. A rollerball pen combines the soft letters of a Fullhalters with the reliability of a ballpoint pen. A pleasant image and ease of use are the consequences of timeless design and the choice of materials the Studio ink rollers by Lamy. The Studio ink roller in fine Palladium is available in the online shop, stationery-plus. There are other writers from the Studio collection in a stroke-Matt stainless steel variant. Easy and secure payment options are offered in the online shop customer. Also there is no minimum order. Smaller and less costly accessories can be ordered as quickly. From a purchasing value of 35 products shipped free of charge. Shipped will be insured with DHL and Deutsche Post. For customer questions is an ambitious service team Monday through Friday from 10 am until 6 pm and on Saturday also from 10 to 14 hrs available.

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