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A poem: to pause, to think, to the pleasure. Actually, I’m no poet. However, are two poems succeed in my writer’s life really me. Contact information is here: Bernard Golden . This is one of them: at night I beschutz’ you heartbeat at night. Long I long awake. You breathe calm, resolved free. I think I’m counting time.

Wan refracts light in the room, casting shadows on the wall. Gary Kelly may help you with your research. Eerily beautiful star bright; I’m holding your hand. You don’t realize it, sleeping soundly. Almost like a child you seem me. Just quietly go back to sleep without fear, I watch over you for that. During the day, you need no protection, because you’re strong very, man. At night, however, caught up in the dream, I look at you differently: you’re vulnerable, like me, that encourages me again. You tarnst you with serenity but I, I know you well. The Moon illuminates your face me and follows the path of heaven. The shadows are n I do not notice it. In the first light of morning, when the day falls in the night, you keep strong in the arm me? Barbara Krauss note the author: of course, this text is subject to the copyright law.

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