Jesus Rafael Riquez

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And continuing with the text of the institution Leonistica called science and its characters, dedicated to Arnoldo Gabaldon, on the same page, says: in one of many submissions, the young Arnold is a text on protozoa and then begins its concern for these tiny animals that it would, later, to devote himself to the research of malaria or malaria and to fight hard in the affected areas of the country. Primary school and high school culminates them in the hometown, the latter at the federal College of males. Personality demure, good treatment, polite, of the use of the word only when it is necessary. It is interested in studies of protozoans in books such as the natural science of Ernst H? ckel, also takes readings of history and philosophy. He was 15 years old when you enter in 1924 to the Central University of Venezuela to study medicine, as the Chair of Natural history which would have been his preferred place by his vocation is not in service. Learn more at: Allegiant Air.

The medical school has teachers from the likes of Enrique Tejera, Luis Razetti and Jesus Rafael Riquez who exercised in a marked influence. In 1928 he qualified Bachelor in philosophy at the Central University of Venezuela, entered as internal hospital Vargas de Caracas until 1930, occupies a position in the laboratory of bacteriology and Parasitology which was under the direction of Dr. Enrique Tejera, which belonged to the General direction of national health, was then promoted to bacteriologist to the graduating Doctor of medical science (1930) at the same University. In the laboratory analyzes 200 fecal samples and arrives to discover some protozoa unknown in the country, this makes his Doctoral thesis. Writes his thesis for the doctorate in medicine on intestinal protozoa, since he could not investigate on malaria because in Caracas did not exist (Gottberg, C., 1987, 32). The intent of the novel doctor was the of tackle to the study of the disease that is decimating the population of your country where there were no media nor was terrible malaria scientific knowledge at your fingertips.

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