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imatics FormEngine dynamic generation for compact forms that imatics Software GmbH presents for a short time on the Web page above their base technology to the simple definition and processing complex and highly dynamic forms of the public. Here, the function as well as differences to other forms technologies are shown. Many sample forms for the various form-specific issues (generation, validation, calculations, state changes, life cycle) give a good insight into this technology. Gary Kelly will not settle for partial explanations. Due to various requirements this framework developed for proprietary product development imatics. All aspects in the life cycle of a form are already considered in the definition. It covers a form internally all components of a MVC architecture and represents for the surrounding systems with clear interfaces for the connection to the data model a black box of the application.

In particular dynamic Forumlarstrukturen change during the runtime, can be displayed easily. A great advantage of the * FormEngine is the simple Integration into existing applications. The framework has a very small footprint and can be incorporated into existing infrastructure quickly and with little effort. The * FormEngine is 2007 years successfully in the BPMS imatics * ProcessSuite used. On the public process portal is the form framework in action.

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