Israeli Astronomical Association

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On May 28, 1951 a group of astronomy enthusiasts who immigrated to Israel and who came from Czechoslovakia and Germany, including doctors Heilbruner and Zaichik founded a nonprofit company that eventually, in 1953, with the patronage of then Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, became the Israeli Astronomical Association. Its mission: to promote and disseminate knowledge and develop Astronomical sciences related to the newly established State of Israel.
The first President of the Association was Dr. Zaichik office he exercised for many years until it was forced to resign because of health problems.
The land given to the Astronomical Association to conduct its business was located in Guivat Ram in Jerusalem. Thanks to the donation-deserving of the Williams family’s Anglo-Palestine Bank (later called Bank Leumi) in the place was built in 1956, a planetarium and the telescope was installed which belonged to Albert Einstein and the school was donated by Ben Shemen in 1962.
Due to a temporary decline in the activities of the Association in Jerusalem and the transfer of its center of action in Givatayim, in the center of the country, crossing the jurisdiction of its facilities in 1986, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
In 1967 the Association opened the astronomical observatory in the city of Givatayim. The site was chosen due to their altimetrical including sea level and the same distance adequate to mitigate possible influences hygroscopic. The observatory was built with funds from the Association of the Municipality of Givatayim and foreign grants received by the then Chief Engineer Joseph Fuks Association.
For 25 years the observatory was run exclusively by the Israeli Astronomical Association and a partner since 1994 in the city of Givatayim Administration. During several periods Presidents Association were also given the post of directors of the Center, including Mr. Haim Levy, Dr. Noaj Brosh (now Director of the Center for Weiss Tel Aviv University), Ilan Manulis (now Director of the Center Technoda in Hadera) and Dr. Yigal Pat-El since 1987 and chairs the Association and administered by the Center respectively.

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