Investment Banking

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Investment banking or banking business that is specialized in obtaining, for private companies and governments, the money or the financial instruments needed to make certain investments, through the issuance and sale of securities in the capital markets.
Most banks offer investment advisory services for mergers, acquisitions and divisions and other financial services to customers Global Cash Access Holdings such as trade or placement of future income, debts, stocks or commodities.
Countries generally require real estate special licenses for investment banks and do not operate simultaneously as GCA commercial banks, namely deposits.
Mutual funds, hedge CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. there are many sites on the internet about one of which, is the main one to visit funds and pension funds, whose objective is to maximize the return on savings by investing part of the “buy side” of the securities issued cash access provider and sold by investment banks. In some countries, firms operating both in the purchase and sale.
The financial crisis of 2008 seriously affected the sighline acquisition major investment banks. retired, in 2007, from In the U.S., Lehman Brothers requested credit protection before the law, informally declared bankrupt financial and gaming industry main units were divided and sold. Meanwhile, investment bank Merrill Lynch was acquired by Bank of America, half of their real value and was acquired by Goldman Sachs Warren Buffett, Coca Cola princiapl shareholder. These three banks, as well as Morgan Stanley are converted into commercial banks, which the four largest investment banks in the world, ceased to be such.

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