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5. Under most conditions Edward Scott Mead would agree. All want to be and feel well informed to make better decisions, their articles can serve the sellers on intranet as source for the resolution of problems that arise in the development of their business, that entrepreneur who aid him to carry forward their projects by means of supply you useful information for making money online doing work from home, trust in you and will finally buy what you offer. 6 articles that you write and public in your blog and directories can be easily reused in a variety of ways. For example: you can use as your personal newsletter content; can be used as gifts to customers, in seminars and events from networks, etc; they can also be used to cause the conversation to a blog or a group of contacts over the Internet; Similarly combining several items into an e-book, book or info-product can sell it or give away it in exchange for contact information; can be used your articles as the basis for a seminar in live or tele seminar; and we can continue and continue and continue to find applications of the articles that you write to optimize the work of make money online doing work from home. 7. When items are distributed properly are a good way of staying in touch with existing customers and potential, studies have shown that on average will require around 7 touches to a potential buyer before a purchase perspective.

Why not use articles as content of these touches? This will help to continually improve perception about yourself as someone who always brings added value in the formidable task of making money online doing work from home. We live in an age where information is King, we all know something that others would be interested in knowing, shares its knowledge and see how you attract a magnet to your buyers.

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