Interactive Roadmap For Customer Service 2.0

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ITyX provides relevant service aspects of a call center of the future compact on before the impact of Web 2.0 on the future of the service economy is controversial since weeks within the service industry. “Many experts already predict the creeping demise of the call center, because the participatory Web” service – self-service is pushing ahead. Associations, operators and consultants, however, adhere to the classic service economy and expect further growth for the industry. “” ITyX, semantic automation solutions provider in the call center, has released an interactive roadmap of A car response “to Z like centralized knowledge management” shows a number of new aspects and presents, making the call center 2.0 of the future. Will the classic service economy outlast of the Decade? Service-oriented businesses will need to undertake some efforts in the coming years, to build loyal customer relationships.

“Be friendly on the phone is no longer enough to delight customers”. Andreas Klug says ITyX Board. Speed of response and the knowledge of the correct information are the core of each customer enthusiasm.” In a timely manner to the CCW 2012 in Berlin ITyX has published an interactive roadmap for service experiences with. What lines”and stops are suitable from the perspective of the acting trade and service companies to reduce costs and at the same time generate a positive customer experience? How can be exceeded the expectations of customers and positive surprises produced? ITyX: The 1996 founded ITyX is one of the leading solution providers in the customer care – and ECM market. ITyX developed the modular solutions the Mediatrix family, which capture textual information across all channels (E-Mail, Internet, letter, fax, SMS, social media), analyze, classify, validate and process on the basis of methods of artificial intelligence (AI). Well-known companies such as Air Berlin, Bosch communication center, Conrad, DEVK, HUK Coburg, Infineon, Samsung, Simyo, IKEA, UniCredit directly trust services in the realization of their digital information and communication strategy on the self-learning ITyX solutions.

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