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Let’s go with the second important point. The product or service that distributes your company and which you will do with the license to authorize other people to be able to acquire them. The product should fundamentally have three characteristics: 1. Swarmed by offers, Learn more is currently assessing future choices. innovative in the market. 2. For other opinions and approaches, find out what jeff Bakalar has to say. With excellent quality and provide great results. 3. Consumable.

You may need to occur a repetitive consumption of the same. 1 Innovative in the market: if it takes several years to be marketed, the product is not striking (people we love current, what surprises us, what is new), it will be much harder to enter the market, since many distributors of the product and consumers are cornered by these. The product has to be revolutionary in its area. To provide new sensations to the consumer and bring you something that has not experienced before with other products. 2. Which has a very good quality: usually at this point won’t you find problems in the direct sales or MLM.

Any of the companies that distribute by these methods their products or services opt for this road basically that the advertising and promotion of its brand is carried out through word of mouth. One person speaks to another product and this in turn speaks to another, etc. Therefore saving fortunes on advertising, since its own affiliates provide it. Such expenses as important that it assumes any company wishing to good results invest it in improving its products, develop new technologies to improve them and the result in the vast majority of cases is obtaining a product really of very good quality and with excellent results for the final consumer. 3. Products or supplies services: very important is that the product or service to be purchased at least once a month. That the person take it or enjoy it, consumed and need to repeat its acquisition next month. This way you know that every month you will have repeat of consumption.

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