Ingmar Bergman

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Visit the victuals market which is located a few steps from the Marienplatz square and enjoy th atmosphere of the open air market. Here you can have a cheap and nice lunch and try typical dishes such as the traditional Bavarian knuckle ‘ n and Bacon, delicious cheeses and bread. It is not a touristic place, but the Munchener there has a market to buy fruits, meat or rare and special herbs and spices that can’t be found anywhere else in the region. Walk to the English garden, Munich BBs famous 900-acre park, and enjoy the true nature and calmness: in winter you can enjoy it even more: no loud children, no drunk tourists nor students groups. The park seems to sleep: just ponds and swans and empty tables in the beer garden. The English garden four beer is best known for its gardens Chinese Tower, Seehaus, Hirschau and Aumeister, but you can have a beer and enjoy the Bavarian food in the inside of basement of berries.

Hot spot in Munich: Bavaria film city take time to visit Germany’s film city, where around 150 hours of cinema and TV films are produced every year. Alfred Hitchcock made his first film, the pleasure garden, there in 1925. The studios have been used by numerous famous directors such as Stanley Kubrick (paths of glory, 1957), Bob Fosse (cabaret, 1972) or Ingmar Bergman (the Serpent’s egg, 1977). This what the birthplace of film such as ‘ the boot ‘ (‘the U-boat’, 1981), the never ending story (1984) and Tom Tykwer’s Perfume: the story of a murderer (2006) and many German TV series like a Derrick or The old Fox. During tour the Guide, you will learn lots of facts and have even more fun. In some of the film sets, you will even be able to re re-teach short film sequences. And with bad weather you can enjoy a 4 – D movie with a fast paced tour in Michael Bully Herbig s snowboard movie. Moving seats, fog, wind and lots of special effects make the movie a multimedia racket.

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