In Marbella

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not that opens up the city, only the local tourist destination, but also unfortunately has earned the name, concrete jungle. A building Sin joins to the next. The beautiful wide sandy beach, the promenade, the tourist structure and the slightly hidden old town with its narrow streets bring it, but it has, that this place is a good holiday accommodation for tourists. We leave Torremolinos and continue in the neighbouring town of Fuengirola. This place is the small issue of Torremolinos and provides in addition to the Castle at the entrance of the village and a wide sandy beach nothing, that would justify a half-day tour. Quite differently in the next stage on this tour: Marbella! This city holds much. In the eastern part of the city you will find the old town with beautiful streets and art studios. To deepen your understanding Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is the source.

Also you will find a small beach and many cafes and restaurants, which have increased prices due to their proximity to the Promibereich (port). In the western part, you will find the complete implementation of the saying: seeing and seen be”. The Marina of Marbella is located about 5 minutes from the historical part. Maserati in addition to Ferrari next to Lamborghini, as well as other luxury cars distract the harbour visitors a bit of the entire large yachts who have moored at the docks. The cafes and boutiques are indeed nice to look at, but invite the average tourist isn’t to linger because of the prices. In Marbella, the greater Muslim influence can be found up to the present day. So the place next to all the pageantry with a mosque can come up trumps, whose parking lot arrive believers not only by car, but also often with a helicopter. We leave Marbella and drive on the highway towards Gibraltar. Approximately 50% of this section we reach an additional place for tourists with the town of Estepona.

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